Liberty Spirit's Fabian 
2006  -2016

  Brun/chocolate  Hane/male
   (not carring yellow)
  Född/born 060601
  Höfter/hips: A
  Armbågar/elbows: 0-0
Ögon/eyes: UA/clear 20130515
  Optigen A/clear(gm föräldrarna/
  by parantage) 
  EIC: clear         

  Show: BIR och BIS 2 valp/
             Best of breed and 
             Best in Show 2 puppie
             1:1 ukl CK , Bhkl 4
             1:1 ökl CK, Bhkl 2 CAC/Cert
             CERT/CAC Bhkl 2
             CERT/CAC Bhkl 2, R-CACIB
             CAC/Cert, BIM/BOS, Norway

  1 HP avelklass, BIS 2

  Ägare/Owner: Britt-Marie Sehlstedt, Umeå

  Uppf/breeder: Liberty Spirit's &
  Special Harvest kennel, Holland





                                                    "Fabian    3 year









Special Harvest Twister Time, A  0-0,
Optigen A
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