Macita's Ferrero Rocher


                                         "Ferro"    (15 month)
   S34986/2003 brun/chocolate male
   b 030424
   Höfter/hips: A
   Armbågar/elbows: 0-0/clear
   Ögon/eyes: clear 040427
   Ägare/owner: Nina Nyberg, Sävar

                                 "Ferro"    (4 month)

                                         "Ferro"    (6 1/2 week)
SU(u)CH SvCh Mocca Made´s Birk, H 0-0 Rocksteady by Night, H 0-0 SvCh SUCH Trendmakers the Moose is Losse, H 0-0
SUCH NUCH Rocksteady Day by Day, H
Macita´s Pepsi Cola, H 0-0 Tjotte´s Billy the Bruno, H 0-0
SUCH  Macita´s Don Pasqualle, H 0-0
Toyette-Björka, H 0-0 SvCh Foulby Neptune, H 0-0 Rocheby Sailing By
GBCH Cuanbank Island Mist of Foulby
SvCh Macita´s Quadra Gesima, H 0-0 SUCH Trendmakers Shade og Balance, H 0-0
Destinys Athena, H 0-0